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Someone's future is in your closet!

Fashion can move you forward. Our goal of making a difference starts with the fundamental belief that we all have something to give.

Fashion Forward believes in women helping women using fashion as a tool to empower and build awareness. We can each make a difference in someone's future, for the attedees of Fashion Forward, that gift will be the donation of gently used work attire & accessories. We support Making Changes   a local registered charity that provides women and girls with career counselling and work-appropriate clothing/accessories to help give them the confidence to enter or re-enter the workforce as a new immigrant, after crisis or when leaving unhealthy domestic situations. Making Changes gives women the tools to change their lives, and thereby our community, forever.


We excitedly invite you to attend the second annual Fashion Forward, June 18, 2015 at Lone Star Mercedes-Benz.  A fabulous evening of empowerment and fashion shows awaits you!


"The confidence and knowledge I gained helped me re-enter the workforce and support my family after I recovered from a serious illness."

Mae S. 

"Once I was able to dress like a real professional, I started applying for better jobs and, because I looked the part, I got one!"

Claudia M. 

Sponsors & Friends 

"I faced many challenges and a culture adjustment when I moved to Canada.  The Making Changes program helped me move ahead into a new career and a new life."

Parveen T. 

Fashion Forward 2015 is proudly brought to you by: 

Our corporate sponsors are a critical part of Fashion Forward.  We are grateful for the strength and reach they provide to us and would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all of them. Our life changing work would not be possible without them! Please click below to view our full sponsor list.

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