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By bringing style and glamour together to help empower women, Fashion Forward has successfully shown that fashion can be used as a tool to encourage and build awareness for the women in our community. 


Fashion can move you forward and Fashion Forward’s goal of making a difference starts with the fundamental belief that we call have something to give.  Heading into its second fabulous year, Fashion Forward continues to receive engagement from past attendees, sponsors and people who heard about the event.


To build upon the exciting buzz that has endured the past 12 months, Fashion Forward remains driven to become known as one of Calgary’s iconic fashion events.  While remaining true to it's primary goal of shining a spot light on making a difference in our local community while bringing people together to promote awareness and understanding that each one of us can make an immediate impact on the lives of women and their families. 


In its inaugural year alone, this grassroots event attracted the interest of over 350 generous Calgarians who came together with donations of professional work attire and accessories that filled two, yes two LoneStar Mercedes Sprinter Vans plus fundraising the funds essential to support over 2000 women in Calgary.


Making Changes Executive Director, Lili Bunce, says: “The evening was magical and helped us raise awareness for our organization which is essential for a small, volunteer run association like Making Changes.  Our deepest gratitude is offered to the hundreds of sponsors, donors, attendees, special guests, hosts and volunteers who contributed to such a wonderful evening.  Their generosity will allow us to provide relevant support to more than 2000 women and teenage girls this year. .. the Fashion Forward organizing committee took on a Herculean project on our behalf and created an evening that surpassed our wildest dreams.”


This memorable night came to life at Lonestar Mercedes Benz with the assistance of local celebrities, including but not limited to:  Brett Wilson,  The Style Guys, and medal winning athletes from Sochi – all who generously helped fundraise and contribute towards giving women the tools change their lives, and thereby our community forever !


2015 again promises to be an evening of fun, empowerment and opportunity!  Hosted once again at LoneStar Mercedes Benz, the 2015 event promises to be bigger, bolder and shine brighter than before, with an outstanding line up of talent and interactive events held over 4 impactful hours on June 18, 2015.


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