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Calgary's Coordinated Community Response to Domestic Violence

HomeFront is a non-profit organization in Calgary that helps free families from domestic violence and gives them the opportunity to live safe and healthy lives.


Through a unique collaborative model which focuses on both the intervention and prevention of domestic violence, HomeFront has proven successful in its mission to eliminate domestic violence in Calgary, and over the past 18 years, has supported over 45,000 victims and their families. HomeFront works alongside the police, the justice system and community partners in order to create a continuum of support and safety for clients. Once a victim of domestic violence is referred to HomeFront, they are provided with the information, support, education, advocacy and resources they need to break the cycle of abuse.


Together we can ensure families continue receiving the best support to live their lives free from violence. 


You can help HomeFront by providing gifts of volunteer time or financial donations. Your support is vital to the success of these programs, for more information about how you can help, please visit





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